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Plato Grishin
Plato Grishin

X3 Star Trek Modl

  • Crash effect on USS Vengeance model

  • 60 RGB LEDs and associated clear inserts

  • RGB LEDs for the general illumination

  • Chase lights on the Warp ramp

  • Four backbox flashers

  • Animated laser starfield projector

  • Polished stainless steel plate around lock bar fire button

  • 2-way ball eject/VUK with wireform in left lane

  • Kickback on left outlane

  • USS Enterprise model

  • Two asteroids with LED flashers

  • Deluxe lockbar

  • Metal bottom arch

Meanwhile the LE gains the following features over the Premium:

X3 Star Trek Modl

So there are a number of interesting and innovative features in the higher end models, while all models are fitted with LED lighting throughout, for both feature inserts and general illumination.The USS Vengeance model is indeed animated, just as we suggested initially. On the Pro, the ship is activated by a solenoid to rock and shake, while on the Premium and LE a different mechanism rocks the ship side-to-side and also slides it nose-down towards the player as it 'crashes' into the playfield. Also animated is the laser starfield projector, the mechanism for which is presumably in the purple lump of plastic mounted on the backboard.The LE brings back the shaker motor which had been left out of earlier LEs, and adds animating electroluminescent panels behind the blue side armour's cutouts.

Production of the Pro model is starting now, with the LE models being made in the second half of October, right around the time of the Pinball Expo factory tour. We'll have coverage of the tour and much more about Stern's new Star Trek game soon, right here at Pinball News.

Various personal effects transferred from the Botany Bay were kept within Starfleet-issue cargo carriers provided by the Enterprise to start the colony. The cargo carriers were subsequently used as shelters by Khan and his followers for almost eighteen years on Ceti Alpha V after the planet became a desert wasteland. Once they escaped Ceti Alpha V on the USS Reliant, the Reliant's crew took up residence inside it for shelter after Khan marooned them there. Once Admiral Kirk saved the crew aboard the Enterprise, the Botany Bay was abandoned on the planet. (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan) 350c69d7ab


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