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From Concept To Form In Landscape Design Pdf Free 97 [PORTABLE]

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From Concept To Form In Landscape Design Pdf Free 97 [PORTABLE]

15. Given the loss of human life in the above ways, the question arises of how we are to consider the possibility of future generations: is the destruction of future human life a crime against the future, or does the future have a just claim on life? The Church certainly does not reject the existence of the future. On the contrary, she teaches that man bears a divine image, and therefore has a natural duty to bring up his children. But how are we to understand the responsibility of the future for the present? Is it, on the one hand, a certain obligation deriving from the supreme value of the human person and the consequent duty to preserve the individual from all injury? Is, on the other hand, it an obligation deriving from the fact that no one owns the future of the human race, and therefore the future has a just claim on life?

17. That we humans should protect the planet from our ravaging activities is not a mere duty incumbent on the whole of mankind; it is a grave responsibility and a duty which it falls to those who have taken on the mission of protecting the whole human family.

16. The second question is certainly the more fundamental. It seems to me that any future generations have a just claim, not only on the present human race, but on all of nature. Yet this claim is not at all the same as demanding that the present generation should be responsible for all the rest of nature. The progeny of the human species bears a species-specific responsibility which can easily become quite demanding and therefore, at times, oppressive. This is true of the present generation, which is responsible not only for itself, but also for the health of the entire human family and for the preservation of the whole of nature, which is indeed our common home. The fact that we humans are the cause of environmental pollution does not make us immune from its effects, for this pollution is a manifestation of our irreparable damage to the integrity of our nature.

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