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Clous Van Mechelen Grolsch Vakmanschap Is Meesterschap Mp3

Who is Clous van Mechelen?

Clous van Mechelen is a pseudonym of Jacob Philip (Jack) van Mechelen, born in Amsterdam on March 12, 1941. He is a Dutch cabaret performer, composer, musician and songwriter. He started playing saxophone with Hans Dulfer in the Amsterdam Quintet when he was 16 years old. He studied clarinet at the conservatory with piano as a minor subject, and toured Europe with jazz and Latin groups. He also played saxophone in the Amsterdam rock band The Sharks, where he met Tol Hansse.

clous van mechelen grolsch vakmanschap is meesterschap mp3

How did he create the Grolsch Vakmanschap is Meesterschap music?

From 1965, Van Mechelen worked with Paul Huf on advertising films for Peter Stuyvesant and Pall Mall cigarettes and Grolsch beer. Van Mechelen wrote the music for these films, and especially the Grolsch music became very famous. Paul Huf said: "Everyone thought it was Vivaldi, but it was Van Mechelen."

The Grolsch Vakmanschap is Meesterschap music is a catchy melody that was used in various versions for all Grolsch commercials until 1985. The composer used different instruments and styles to create different moods and atmospheres for each commercial. For example, he used horn and clarinet for a classical version, saxophone and electric guitar for a pop version, and trumpet and organ for a soul version.

Where can I listen to his music online?

If you want to listen to his music online, you can find some of his songs on YouTube. For example, you can listen to the original Grolsch Vakmanschap is Meesterschap song here, or a pop version by Clous van Mechelen himself here. You can also find an album called Onvergetelijke TV Melodieën (Unforgettable TV Melodies) that features six different variations of the Grolsch theme by various artists.

What else has he done?

Besides composing music for commercials, Van Mechelen has also written songs for cabaret shows, films and television programs. He collaborated with Tol Hansse on several projects, such as De Kist (The Coffin), De Bostella (The Bostella) and Big City. He also composed music for Sesame Street, The Muppet Show and The Smurfs. He is also known for his role as Johnny Meyer in Theo en Thea en de ontmaskering van het tenenkaasimperium (Theo and Thea and the unmasking of the toe cheese empire), a parody film by Arjan Ederveen and Tosca Niterink.


Clous van Mechelen is a talented composer who created the memorable Grolsch Vakmanschap is Meesterschap music that many Dutch people grew up with. He has also written songs for various genres and media, and performed as a cabaret artist and actor. His music is still available online for anyone who wants to enjoy it. c481cea774


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