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The Crew 2 Crack

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August 8th - The crew finished Birch Lane from Northside Boulevard to Madison Road, Norco Way, N Franklin Boulevard, N Devlin Way, and Fargo Avenue. W Karcher Road is 1/3 complete. Signs are in place. Tomorrow the crew will start on W Karcher Road.

August 4th - Fog seal on Middleton Road from the Boulevard to W Flamingo Ave, Birch Lane from N Franklin Boulevard to Madison Road, and Madison Road form Birch Lane to E Karcher Road is finished. Sweeping continues and signs are in place for the weekend. Monday, Aug 8th, the crew will start on Birch Lane.

August 3rd - Fog seal on Midway Road, Moss Lane, W Flamingo Avenue, and Middleton Road from Chacartegui Lane to Caldwell Boulevard is now complete. Signs have been checked and are in place, sweeping continues. Tomorrow the crew will start on Middleton Road from the Boulevard to W Karcher Road

August 2nd - The following roads are complete N Canyon Street, Davis Avenue from Yale to N Canyon Street, Lone Star Road, and N Midland Boulevard. Signage is in place and sweeping continues. Tomorrow the crew will start on Midway Road.

The Ranch Subdivision - N Midland Boulevard from the Boulevard to W Orchard Avenue - W Orchard Avenue N Midland Boulevard to the Boulevard - Davis Avenue from N Midland Avenue to Purple Sage and Midland from W Orchard Avenue to Smith. Signage is in place and sweeping continues. Tomorrow the crew will start in Eaglecrest Subdivision along with adjacent roads.

Tomorrow the crew will finish up 4th Street North from Northside Boulevard to North Broadmore Way and Railroad Street between North Broadmore Way to the end of the street. Once complete, the crew will clean the chip spreader and switch to 1/4" chips before starting in the Ranch Subdivision.

Black Panther and the Crew finally crack the case surrounding the mysterious death of Harlem community pillar Ezra Keith! In the wake of Ezra's life one thing is certain: the world needs the Crew now more than ever!

22. During the afternoon and night of the 14th and up until about 4:15 P.M. on the 15th, the vessel encountered heavy weather. There was a snowstorm and freezing temperature. There was a heavy sea from the north-north-east (changing to north on the morning of the 15th), and the vessel was pitching, rolling and shipping some water. The wind was undoubtedly strong but how strong it is impossible to say. The log entries are not reliable. The rough log gives the force as 12 on the Beaufort scale. The smooth log written up after the accident gives it as 10. Neither entry was signed. I do not accept either entry. The storm had started before the vessel which carried a few passengers as well as cargo, left port. At about 9:00 P.M. on the 14th, she was hove to and her speed reduced. On the morning of the 15th the lashings of deck cargo aft of the bridge loosened. However, the crew were able safely to correct this and secure the cargo when the ship's course was changed to accommodate her to the sea. Except for this, there was no damage to gear or cargo and no injury to passengers or crew during the heavy weather. The owner certainly did not prove that the weather was any worse than a well found and properly manned ship should be able to withstand; or indeed that it was any worse than her experienced master expected when he left port.

25. At about 6:45 the master and chief mate having finished dinner, which was taken with the passengers, went to the bridge. The master remarked that the vessel was riding well. Suddenly they heard "a scraping sound" and "felt *414 a bump" and saw the derricks on the fore part of the deck move forward. In less than thirty seconds the vessel had broken in two at a point about the middle of the number 3 hatch. The master immediately sounded the signal for passengers and crew to take lifeboat stations. He also ordered radio distress signals sent out.

40. The large-scale construction of all-welded ships was begun in the United States during World War II. Most of the ships so produced wer


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