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However, it is not quite as straightforward as that. Comparing the images in the video reveals that although she has lost weight, she has also added a new wardrobe which includes a maternity dress, several other maternity clothes and shoes, two pairs of leggings, three pairs of shorts, a skirt, a dress, two pairs of underwear, two t-shirts and two sweatshirts.


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Rebecca, who has one of the most popular young lady channels on YouTube with 100,000 subscribers, posted a promotional video for her wedding day, including a comparison of her previous weight and body measurements to her post-wedding day weight. While Rebeccas channel has been active for less than a year, she has been on YouTube for six years.

The videos are being monetised by YouTube, including pre-roll adverts from Agoda, Bing and MailLoot. In one case, the young woman is shown wearing a Bing T-shirt, alongside a pre-roll from Bing.

In 2016-18, she wasnt the only child-model being used as an unpaid resource by the site, where she was used frequently for at least 20 videos and her model page is still linked to her profile on the site.

Two other clips featuring the actress in various states of undress have accumulated almost 9 million views. A fourth, uploaded on to the Whisper app in December, has over 10.4 million views. It features the actress singing a popular country song while facing the camera in a schoolgirl costume, a bikini and a red ball gown. An average of ten comments is made per video.


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