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Reality Transurfing. Steps I-V

Zeland argues that what you think of as your reality is just one version of reality among many. According to him, we live in a world of consciousness in which infinite alternative realities simultaneously exist. These realities fall into two categories:

Reality transurfing. Steps I-V


Zeland claims that each time you think or feel, you transmit emotional energy into the world of consciousness in which infinite versions of reality exist. The emotional energy you transmit has a specific frequency that reflects the emotional content of your thoughts and feelings. For example, if you think about something that makes you feel anxious, you transmit anxious emotional energy into the world of consciousness.

What you identify as your reality is simply a reflection of your emotional energy. According to Zeland, every individual transmits emotional energy into the world of consciousness, causing different versions of reality to materialize. The physical world we live in reflects all of these different materialized realities. However, while you might be aware of these materialized realities, you can only experience the version of reality that matches the emotional energy you personally transmit.

Zeland argues that you can control which version of reality gets reflected back to you by matching your emotional energy with what you want to experience. This exercise will walk you through his three methods for achieving this.

The first step toward changing your version of reality is to reclaim your emotional energy. This involves withdrawing your attention from unwanted aspects of your current reality so that you have more energy to direct toward your ideal version of reality.

By following the methods presented in this book, Zeland argues that you will be able to attain a desired goal, life or reality. Furthermore, the author gives some basic notions that the reader can simply adopt and adapt to his own needs and aspirations, all while exercising becoming a better and more fulfilled person. 041b061a72


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