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Zanjeer - The Chain Movies Hd 720p In Hindi [WORK]

ok so in the movie tamasha, deepika refers to herself as mona darling, claiming that she is working with teja and ranbir calls himself don, claiming that he is also working with teja. now mona darling and teja are characters from this movie: zanjeer starring amitabh bachchan. this would lead most to believe that the don that ranbir is referring to is the one from the amitabh bachchan movie. but the thing is, there is no character named teja in the 1978 don universe. teja only exists in the 2007 don universe starring srk. so basically, in tamasha, they are referring to two different characters named teja from two different movies. useless info but anyways in regards to this film, i love sher khan he is very cool he is legend.

Zanjeer - The Chain movies hd 720p in hindi

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