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Buy Baby Cradle Online

1st Step baby bassinets are cozy, and comfortable and come with wheels for easy movements. The material in the cradle is soft to ensure maximum comfort for the baby and comes in bright, colourful designs.

buy baby cradle online

If you're searching for top-quality baby items that are both safe and comfortable for your little one, look no further than 1st Step. Our baby products are designed to solve the challenges faced by parents and babies alike, ensuring that every need is met.

A baby can sleep in a bassinet till it is 4-6 months old. Once your baby reaches 15 pounds or more, you can think about transferring your baby to a crib. A baby bassinet is generally used for newborn babies as they provide good mobility to move them around the house.

Yes, a baby bassinet is a perfectly safe option for newborns. However, it is no more considered safe when your baby weighs 20 pounds or more or can roll over on their own. You can buy baby bassinets based on the growth and development of the baby.

At 1st Step, a baby bassinet costs around Rs.2,000- 7,000. If you want to buy baby bassinets online, ensure that the product features are worthy of the price and choose the ones with a return policy. 041b061a72


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