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Jak And Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

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Jak And Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

The opening sequence of the game features Jak and Daxter in a speedboat headed for Misty Island, an area prohibited by their watch over Samos. Upon arriving to the island, Daxter had second thoughts about straying from the village. The two perch on a large skeleton to observe a legion of lurkers crowded around two dark figures, Gol and Maia, who were commanding the lurkers to "deal harshly with anyone who strays from the village," and to search for any precursor artifacts and eco near Sandover Village.[4] After the secret observation, Jak and Daxter continue searching the island. Daxter trips on a dark eco canister which he tosses to Jak after expressing his dislike for the item, and as Jak caught the object it lit up. Shortly afterwards a bone armor lurker suddenly confronted the two, where Jak threw the dark eco canister at the lurker, killing it, but inadvertently knocked Daxter into a dark eco silo behind him. When Daxter reemerged, he was in the form of an ottsel, and upon realizing the transformation he began to panic.

"We were looking for something that was very organic," says art director Bob Rafei, pointing to the likes of Star Wars, Disney, and Studio Ghibli as key touchstones during the game's concepting stage. "We didn't want it to be heavily science-fiction; we wanted to have a sense of legacy. So we landed on the archetype of this little farm boy, chasing his destiny as he tried to get out of the village."

Iwasaki concurs, adding that the "unusual level of trust" between Naughty Dog and Sony was a testament to the studio's already revered reputation within the industry: "Seriously, how many developers have shipped successful games on schedule for four years straight That kind of legacy allowed us to develop an original IP without even sharing much about it until Jason felt our game was ready to be presented."

At its heart, Jak and Daxter is a story about how the legends of our past can still inspire and guide the next generation through the work they leave behind. Looking back over the history of Naughty Dog, charting the throughlines that connect The Precursor Legacy with all of the studio's subsequent masterpieces, that message now rings with far greater resonance. Jak and Daxter's legacy will forever be a part of Naughty Dog's identity as a creative force: Is it really any wonder you'll find a Precursor egg hidden away in every one of its games since 59ce067264


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