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Warzone 2.0 PS4: The Most Comprehensive Review and Guide

How to Download Warzone 2.0 on PS4

Warzone 2.0 is the latest update for Call of Duty's popular battle royale game, which brings a new map, a new mode, new mechanics, and new weapons to the massive free-to-play combat arena. If you're a PS4 player who wants to experience the thrill of Warzone 2.0, you might be wondering how to download it on your console.

download warzone 2.0 ps4


In this article, we'll show you everything you need to know about Warzone 2.0, including what it is, what it offers, how to download it on PS4, and how to get better at it.

What is Warzone 2.0?

Warzone 2.0 is a major overhaul of Call of Duty's battle royale game, which was released in November 2022 as part of Modern Warfare II's Season One. It features a brand-new map called Al Mazrah, which is set in a fictional Middle Eastern country called Adal.

Al Mazrah: The New Map

Al Mazrah is the new map for Warzone 2.0, which is set in a fictional Middle Eastern country called Adal. It is the biggest map ever in Call of Duty's battle royale game, with a size of 250 square kilometers and a capacity of 200 players per match. Al Mazrah features a variety of locations, such as coastal towns, desert, rocky peaks, subterranean spaces, industrial areas, rivers, and an entire city to explore. The map also has dynamic weather and lighting effects, such as sandstorms, rain, fog, and nightfall. Al Mazrah is designed to offer different gameplay experiences depending on where you drop and how you move around the map.

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DMZ: The New Mode

DMZ is a new mode in Warzone 2.0 that involves three factions and has players complete missions while achieving side quests and looting valuable items. In addition, you engage with AI cannon fodder as well as enemy Operators. DMZ stands for Disputed Military Zone, which is a term used to describe areas where multiple factions are fighting for control. In Warzone 2.0, the three factions are Legion, White Lotus, and Black Mous, each with their own backstory and agenda. DMZ is a sandbox objective-based mode that allows players to choose their own path and playstyle. You can either focus on completing the main mission, which is to extract from the map with as much loot as possible, or you can explore the map and complete side quests for extra rewards. You can also interact with other players and AI enemies in various ways, such as trading, teaming up, or fighting. DMZ is a mode that rewards creativity and strategy, as well as survival skills.

Strongholds and Black Sites: The New Mechanics

Strongholds and Black Sites are new mechanics in Warzone 2.0 that offer high-tier loot and loadouts to players who can clear them successfully. Strongholds are buildings filled with high-tier loot and cash, but they are well protected by AI enemies. There are 77 possible Stronghold locations on Al Mazrah, but only a few locations activate per match. These buildings exist in both battle royale and DMZ modes, but they operate differently for both modes. In battle royale mode, Strongholds are activated at the end of the first circle collapse and do not require any keys to access. The first team to reach one must defuse a bomb there before a timer expires. Afterwards, the objective for all other Strongholds is simply to clear out a specific amount of AI enemies, but any human players you encounter will also count towards the total needed. In DMZ mode, Strongholds are marked on the map from the start but they are locked and require a keycard to access. The keys can be found at random by looting or they can be purchased from Buy Stations for $5,000. Clearing a Stronghold will grant you access to a box that contains your custom loadout for free, as well as rare and valuable loot.

Black Sites are exclusive to battle royale mode and they are more dangerous than Strongholds. They require a Black Site key to access, which can only be acquired by clearing the first Stronghold of the match. Black Sites are located on the map as a skull icon. These locations contain considerably tougher AI enemies, including a minigun wielding Juggernaut boss. Completing a Black Site for the first time will also reward you with a permanent weapon blueprint for use in all modes. It also gives you plenty of gear for use in the match itself, such as a minigun, durable gas mask, a loadout drop, as well as a permanent UAV to ping enemies in the area surrounding the Black Site until the area becomes lost to the circle collapse. It's worth noting that clearing Strongholds after the first one is completed will grant you with sweet rewards, but you won't earn a Black Site key for your efforts. If you're not the first person to clear a Stronghold, you still have the option to potentially loot the key from the enemy who earned it.

Weapon Vault: The New Feature

Weapon Vault is a new feature in Warzone 2.0 that lets you customize and save your weapons in Warzone 2.0. You can access the Weapon Vault from the main menu or from any Buy Station in-game. The Weapon Vault allows you to create your own custom weapons from scratch or modify existing weapon blueprints with attachments of your choice. You can also name your weapons and apply camos, stickers, charms, reticles, tracers, dismemberment effects, and more. You can save up to 10 custom weapons in the Weapon Vault, which you can then use in any mode of Warzone 2.0. You can also share your custom weapons with other players via a code or a link, or browse and download other players' creations from the community tab. The Weapon Vault is a great way to personalize your arsenal and experiment with different combinations of attachments and effects.

How to Download Warzone 2.0 on PS4

Now that you know what Warzone 2.0 is and what it offers, you might be eager to download it on your PS4 and jump into the action. Here's how to do it:


Before you can download Warzone 2.0 on PS4, you need to make sure you have the following requirements and recommendations:

  • A PS4 console with at least 100 GB of free storage space

  • A stable internet connection with a minimum download speed of 5 Mbps

  • A PlayStation Plus subscription to play online multiplayer modes

  • A Call of Duty account to access Warzone 2.0 and its features

  • A Modern Warfare II disc or digital copy (optional, but recommended for faster download and access to additional content)

Download Options

There are two main ways to download Warzone 2.0 on PS4: as a standalone game or as a bundle with Modern Warfare II. The standalone option is for players who only want to play Warzone 2.0 and don't own or plan to buy Modern Warfare II. The bundle option is for players who already own or want to buy Modern Warfare II and also play Warzone 2.0.

The standalone option is free for all PS4 players, regardless of whether they have a PlayStation Plus subscription or not. However, the standalone option has a larger download size and does not include access to Modern Warfare II's campaign, multiplayer, and co-op modes. The bundle option is not free, as it requires buying Modern Warfare II, which costs $59.99 USD for the standard edition. However, the bundle option has a smaller download size and includes access to Modern Warfare II's campaign, multiplayer, and co-op modes, as well as some exclusive cosmetic items for Warzone 2.0. The table below compares the two download options for Warzone 2.0 on PS4:

Download Option Cost Download Size Included Content --- --- --- --- Standalone Free 80 GB Warzone 2.0 only Bundle $59.99 USD 40 GB Warzone 2.0 + Modern Warfare II Download Size

The download size for Warzone 2.0 on PS4 depends on the download option you choose and the platform you have. The standalone option has a larger download size than the bundle option, as it includes all the data and assets for Warzone 2.0. The bundle option has a smaller download size than the standalone option, as it only includes the data and assets for Warzone 2.0 that are not already present in Modern Warfare II.

The platform you have also affects the download size for Warzone 2.0 on PS4, as there are different versions of the game for different PS4 models. The PS4 Pro version has a higher download size than the PS4 version, as it supports higher resolution and performance settings for Warzone 2.0. The table below shows the approximate download size for Warzone 2.0 on PS4, depending on the download option and platform:

Download Option Platform Download Size --- --- --- Standalone PS4 80 GB Standalone PS4 Pro 90 GB Bundle PS4 40 GB Bundle PS4 Pro 50 GB Download Steps

The download steps for Warzone 2.0 on PS4 are different depending on whether you choose the standalone option or the bundle option. Here are the detailed instructions for both options:

Standalone Option

  • Select "Add to Library" or "Download" to start downloading Warzone 2.0 on your PS4 console.

  • Wait Wait for the download to finish. You can check the progress of the download from the Notifications menu on your PS4 console.

  • Once the download is complete, you can launch Warzone 2.0 from your PS4 home screen or library.

Bundle Option

  • Select "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" to purchase Modern Warfare II, which includes Warzone 2.0. You will need to sign in with your PlayStation account and enter your payment details.

  • After the purchase is confirmed, you can start downloading Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0 on your PS4 console.

  • Wait for the download to finish. You can check the progress of the download from the Notifications menu on your PS4 console.

  • Once the download is complete, you can launch Modern Warfare II from your PS4 home screen or library. You can access Warzone 2.0 from the main menu of Modern Warfare II.


Sometimes, you may encounter some issues or errors during or after the download process for Warzone 2.0 on PS4. Here are some common problems and how to fix them:

Download is too slow or stuck

If your download is taking too long or not progressing at all, you can try the following solutions:

  • Pause and resume the download from the Notifications menu on your PS4 console.