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KAT! Script

Download File ===>

Once installed, simply go ahead and jump into Roblox, then fire up Kat as well as the downloaded exploit. Next up, copy and paste any of the scripts listed above into the box found within the executor.

Exakat runs in command line, and it uses a graph database. The database is central to the processing, and it is crucial to avoid running several scripts at the same time : they will write over each other. So, the problem is simple : preventing several instances to run at the same time, on the database. In commandline, there is no web server that may serve as common place between scripts, sharing some memory and implementing a locking system. It requires to use another common ground : the system.

For those special conditions, we need something that is cleaned or released, even if PHP itself crashes. PHP does a good job at cleaning after itself, so there is actually plethora of solutions. For example, there is tmpfile(), which opens a temporary file. This can be used for any file manipulation, and the file will be removed as soon as the script terminates (though, I suspect a crash would leave some files in the tmp folder, but I may be too suspicious). Tmpfile() is not usable for locking, since it only give access to the file pointer and not to the name of the file in the system. Without such name, there is no way to coordinate several instances.

Finally, the problem resided in the link between the current process and the neo4j child process. If exakat opens the socket first, then restart neo4j, then the two are linked and neo4j will inherit the open socket. But if neo4j is restarted before the socket is open, then the link is not established, and the socket will be released when the scripts finished, while the database stays on. Once the order of priorities has been defined, it was easy to fix this in the code.

KAT will install some python scripts to your /bin directory. If you selected a custom location for prefix and wish to access these scripts directly, then it may be necessary to modify your $PYTHONPATH environment variable. Ensure that /lib/python/site-packages, is on your PYTHONPATH, where represents the python version to used when installing KAT e.g. /home/me/kat/lib/python3.6/site-packages. Alternatively, you could install the kat python package into a python environment by changing into the scripts directory and typing python install.

The test script tests/ checks each available ciphersuite in the current build, as a server and a client, against Mbed TLS, OpenSSL and GnuTLS (when available). These tests are run for each protocol version, with and without client authentication. In total, over 1600 combinations are tested.

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