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[S2E7] Follow The Lightning: Part Two 2021

After beginning in the final scene of the November 28, 2016 episode of Supergirl, the first part on The Flash aired on November 29, followed by part two on Arrow on November 30, and concluding with part three on Legends of Tomorrow on December 1, all on The CW.[28]

[S2E7] Follow the Lightning: Part Two

Prosperity, along with several waypoints, have been attacked by thorny vines. Most of its residents are dead or fled. Braham, worried about Taimi, calls everyone together at Scarlet's apartment. Taimi is fine, protected inside Scruffy. The general consensus is that Mordremoth is responsible for these attacks. Kasmeer points out that Aerin's behavior was eerily similar to Scarlet Briar's. Taimi mentions her summary of her research. Before she finishes, though, a tremor hits and the bookcase fell, revealing a secret passage. This passage, containing various documents and devices, leads deeper into Dry Top. A herd of friendly centaurs lives in this section of the Maguuma Wastes, found as we follow a trail of various devices discarded by Scarlet. It leads to a lab the Inquest have shown great interest in. Taimi activates the various security devices to wipe out the Inquest and protect the lab from anyone but the Delaqua Investigations team from entering. It turns out this lab is built on a ley line hub, where the streams of magic are so powerful, it can be visible to the naked eye. Taimi also realizes that the waypoints work because they were placed on ley lines, and ones not placed on ley lines didn't work and were subsequently removed. Mordremoth's vines also followed the ley lines and waypoint path, branching off to Fort Salma and Fort Concordia. The group decides to split up at this point, with Marjory and Kasmeer going to meet up with Belinda at Fort Salma, while Rox and Braham go to Fort Concordia. Taimi stays behind at the lab to investigate it further. 041b061a72


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