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Jordan Bennett
Jordan Bennett

Download'LINK' XforcekeygenMaya2013crack

the script "xforcecrackmaya2013" is included in the /bin directory of the release and works as follows:


  • check if.xforcecrack keys are available for maya 2013

  • if not, generate.xforcecrack keys

  • check that xforcecrack worked

  • since maya 2013, xforcecrack is now also available for autodesk maya 2012, which also requires python 3.3 to run: linux/ubuntu:

  • xforcecrackautodeskmaya2012

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  • xforcecrackautodeskmaya2012linux-n

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#!/usr/bin/env python import maya.mel as mel import cmd import sys, os, re import shlex from maya.cmds.dfx import maya_path from maya.openmaya.mglobal import * from os.path import join import subprocess import random # native commandline arguments exename = sys.argv[0] # the name of the command mayapath = sys.argv[1] # path to maya folder args = sys.argv[2:] # relevant argument(s) exename = exename.split(".")[0] # name of the executable extractpath = "firefly3d.exe" # path to target ininifilename = "prefs.ini" # name of maya file look_forward = false look_back = true look_right = true args = shlex.split(args) # creating a dictionary to store all the args args_dict = dict([(k, v) for (k, v) in args]) # creating the dfx class dfx = cmd.dfx(m=true) # using the mapping from the command line to args_dict to obtain # the actual command line arguments for k in args_dict: args[k] = int(args_dict[k]) # get the extracted maya from the given path extractpath = join(mayapath, extractpath) mdoc = cmd.


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